"Our previous LEV (local exhaust ventilation) set-up was not very robust and needed constant repair (welding on broken brackets, hinges, etc.) by the welders that utilized it on a daily basis for welding fume capture. The Monkey Arms Hercules Suspension Arm and Super-Max Extractor Crane combination moves with ease, stays put when welding and performs like a champion. While working remotely in the Alaska North Slope oil fields, it is sometimes difficult to deal with companies in the "lower 48" that are not right around the corner or who can just stop by for a quick visit. The staff at Monkey Arms helped address our fume extraction situation, get technical specifications into our hands and provided quotes in a timely manner all via e-mails and phone calls. There were no upsetting surprises. Thanks for the hard work and great product."

asrc energy

"Flexi 8 inch diameter x 16 foot: "Working great, the men love them."

zendex tool

"The product we received exceeded our expectations for ventilation purposes and the salesman was very helpful with the selection of the product. We purchased the Super P Flexi-arms and they by far outperformed our existing ventilation system. The Monkey arms are very user friendly and flawlessly retracted out of the way when not in use. I give this product a five star rating."

rob vanmullekom, production supervisor, gougeon bros

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