Fume extraction arms, fans, filters, and necessities for every industrial application! Choose from ATEX, mobile, flexible, acid-proof, and more! Our one of a kind articulating fume arms can be internally or externally supported, according to your needs. A wide range of hoods, hose, and attachment brackets are available for your workspace.

Flexi Arms

$775-1,500 + s/h

Versatile, compact fume arms excellent for welding and grinding. Stays in place for easy extracting of dust and gas.

Flexi Extractor Crane Arms

$1,625-3,000 + s/h

Versatile fume extractor arms with outstanding reach; excellent for welding. Stays in place, and easy to store.

Super Vac High Vacuum

$870-$2,250 + s/h

Extraordinary suction power, easy to maneuver fume extractor. Has external support for free flow in the hose.

Super M ATEX

$3,600-5,550 + s/h

Explosion proof arm for laboratory and high standard work. Mirrorpolished, acidproof, stainless steel. Easily sterilized.


$2,000-$2,750 + s/h

Explosion proof, electrogalvanized, acidproof stainless steel. Fume arms excellent for high standard environments.

Super Max

$875-$1,350 + s/h

Externally supported for free flow in the hose, easy to clean, easy to maneuver. Excellent for welding and soldering.

Super Max Crane

$1,800-$3,000 + s/h

Our extraordinary reach fume arm, easy to store, clean, and maneuver. External support for free flow in the hose.

Super M

$3,350-5,025 + s/h

Made of acidproof stainless steel, can be easily sterilized in an autoclave. Extractor recommended for labs and chemicals!


$650-$800 + s/h

External support for free flow in the hose, preferred for food and pharmaceutical use. High standard fume extraction.

Super PM

$1,650-2,150 + s/h

A stainless steel and powder coat blend fume arm, with versatile hood options. External support for free flow in the hose.

ATEX Chemikus

$975-1,175 + s/h

Explosion proof, electrogalvanized stainless steel, preferred for food/pharma use. External support for free flow.

Super P

$1,175-1,600 + s/h

Powder coated, with versatile hood options, easy to store and maneuver. External support for free flow in the hose.

Chemikus Flexa

$550-610 + s/h

Easy to maneuver fume extraction arm, stays in place, preferred for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical use.

Fans, Brackets, and Accessories

Fume accessories available in a variety of styles and options, to fit your application. Mobile and fixed fans available.

 Filters and Suspension Arms

Fume extraction filters able to handle dust, residue, and oil mist, and suspension arms able to handle anything!

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